View Full Version : finished my trainer for now

01-12-2010, 4:16 PM
I am proud to say that i have a functional trainer. On my meager student's budget, i have built 2 ARs in 2 years. sorry for the phone camera pics.


Cmmg conversion kit

Brother's 10/30 black dog pictured

Stag 5.56 upper and lower

Magpul MOE furniture in FDE

Cheap CAA carry handle

the other rifle in the second picture is my bullet button build
BCM 1:7 middy upper (really impressed with the accuracy)
CMMG lower
CTR stock
detachable carry handle

next up: dedicated .22 upper, convert stag receivers to featureless, and do a billet upper/lower combo DM-R.....and hopefully i can stop at 4:D