View Full Version : Is there a lobbist group to revoke the assault weapons ban in California.

12-21-2005, 6:00 AM
I thought I could trust the NRA in California to protect my 2nd amendment rights. Guess not. I leave the country for 6 years to serve my country and find out that my gun rights don't exist any more and there is nothing that I could do about it because I am not physically in California. Like the .50 cal ban, I was overseas and could not return to register my rifle. The state had no clause for military that were unable to register their weapons because they were doing their job. This is bull ****. I pay my taxes, in fact I made more money than what Uncle Sam pays me that I essentially paid enough into federal taxes to pay myself to protect my country. Do I feel like I got ****ed, hell yeah. What really sucks is I have grown to love the M4, it is soo sweet to hold it let alone to fire it down range. I wish I would have been home to advocate gun rights, guess I'm gonna have to move out of state if I want to own a AR-15. California's definition of an assault weapon is the most stupid line of leftist bull crap I've ever heard. I sincerely hope that the leftist get their way to ban all weapons from the citizens of California. And watch them get raped and pillage by criminals with guns. Serves them right. Don't they, the leftist, understand that criminals willing to commit crimes with weapons will get their weapons one way or another and laws are not going to stop them. Money talks. I see no reason in restricting the rights of the average law abiding citizen, and if the average California citizen is going to surrender their right to bear arms, when they become a victim of gun violence by a criminal they will have no one to blame than themselves.

12-21-2005, 7:10 AM
The deadline to register your .50 BMG is April 30th 2006 if I'm not mistaken. The deadline to purchase or possess a fiddie is 12.31.05.

EDIT: oops, the deadline to purchase or possess a .50 BMG was actually 12.31.04. Thanks TonyM.:)

12-21-2005, 7:34 AM
Yup Stanze is right and yup this state sucks in that perspective. Well, if you want to do something, you can always take up volunteering for the RKBA intiative signatures. We sure need people like you.:D

12-21-2005, 7:56 AM
The deadline to purchase or possess a fiddie was 12.31.04.

Fixed it for ya.

12-21-2005, 9:04 AM
Fixed it for ya.

Thanks!:) *The message you entered is too short, please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters* A LOT! REALLY, THANK YOU! lol

Oh, and about the yearning for a M4 in Bannifornia, if you haven't read all the "loophole" threads I ain't gonna tell ya!:p

12-21-2005, 12:22 PM
Fixed it for ya.

my heart skipped a beat when I read stanze's post

12-21-2005, 3:31 PM
Well, if you want to do something, you can always take up volunteering for the RKBA intiative signatures. We sure need people like you.:D

That's the truth.

I went to the chiropractor today for my monthly tuneup. Afterwards were were talking and i mentioned our RKBA petition. After i explained it to him he signed the petition. I carry a supply of petitions in my truck, jeep and my wife's car just for such occasions.

12-21-2005, 3:46 PM
I agree that their government (Leftist) is certainly not my Government. I have the burden of being a Peace Officer in this new Socialist Government.
I have been fighting the fight for the last fifteen years, NRA life member, active politically and doing my best to let everyone know that the rank and file law enforcement officers have no love for the stupid laws that the likes of Diane Feinstein and others have been shoving down our throats. I have put many hours and dollars into this fight. But I am feeling that it may be time to move on. If the California Republic is this serious about denying its subjects the protections of the Consitution of the United States they should succeed from the Grand Republic of the United States. I mean hell they should just show their true colors and let it be know that they do not recognize the U.S. and its laws.
Soo I guess I just showed my true colors, Anybody need a hard shooting,donut eatin, gunsmithin Deputy in a free state? let me know and I will move my family their in a short a time as possible.

Gunner, disgusted behind enemy lines:(

12-21-2005, 9:43 PM
Are you talking about he nerfed M4 with non detachable magazine and no pistol grip? If I want something like that it is not hard to make. The problem is why would I want something like that. And where do I sign that petition? Can you send me a copy and who do I need to send it to. I will gladly give the legisture a piece of my mind.

12-21-2005, 9:59 PM

If you want you can print one out for yourself and pass it along to your friends or family! Just find your county and get some 8.5 X 14 paper and your set.:D