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01-08-2010, 6:02 PM
Anyone have a matched set of pistols to gain two hand proficientcy? Seems like it would be fun and chalenging. I do practice weak hand but I think I want to try this just to keep my range time more interesting. Maybe I just want to be Antonio Pendejos??? LOL

01-08-2010, 6:13 PM
you mean this?
I doubt he even hit anything.

01-08-2010, 7:06 PM
well i have double Sig 228s, double H&K P7s and double 6" Colt Pythons so of course i've tried shooting them together...ala Chow Yun Fat

it's pretty hard making hits with 2 guns together, but it is pretty fun to fire shots while rolling sideways...if you want to try it, i'd recommend starting with a pair of airsoft pistols

01-08-2010, 7:18 PM
If you really study the old west, they did not carry two guns to fire with both
hands. It was because the typical single action was very slow to reload.
Quicker to holster the empty and keep on fighting with the second gun. I don't care how many movies show it. you're not liable to hit anything at all,that you intended to hit, firing with both hands!

01-08-2010, 7:34 PM
I am willing to try damn near anything, thank God I am allergic to nuts lol

01-08-2010, 8:03 PM
Two guns gives you the ability to miss twice as fast! And look really silly in the process.

01-08-2010, 10:20 PM
Speaking of which. Remember the movie Tombstone and the shootout at the OK Corral? Doc Holliday was the baddest gunslinger there but I think he didn't hit a darn thing firing both pistols. I know, its just a movie.