View Full Version : Shipping handgun? lock or not?

01-08-2010, 1:24 PM
Im going to ship a handgun to a dealer in Idaho. Do I need anything other than their business name and adress on the label? Do I need to have their license number in my possession upon shipping? Do I need to have a locking device installed on it for shipping? Thanks. Geo

01-08-2010, 2:30 PM
Are your a FFL? If so, then you need a copy of their FFL. If not, you need only check to make sure that they are a FFL on the BATF ezcheck web page:


The firearm needs to be unloaded, but no lock is required.

If you are not a FFL, you can not ship USPS and instead have to use FedEx or UPS overnight, so you might want to check to see what a local FFL will charge to ship since it can be cheaper. A flat rate box is around $11 with the USPS. Add insurance, you should be around $20, depending on the value of the firearm. FedEx & UPS are $35+.

You also should request an adult signature and inform the shipper that it is a firearm.