View Full Version : Stuck needing FFL in Eureka area

01-07-2010, 3:36 PM
I bought a Saiga 7.62 rifle from an out of state dealer based on info from a local Eureka FFL dealer. Now the FFL dealer here says DOJ wont let him process/DROJ a Saiga...even though it was sold as cal legal, is stock, has a Monte carlo stock, and only takes 10 round clips. I need A ffl DEALER TO HELP ME COMPLETE THIS TRANACTION OR i WILL BE OUT $450...I have called the one listed here in calguns, (a different guy from who's giving me grief), and he's wary of trying a Saiga, too....can anyone help me?

Update: I went to 2 more FFl transfer Dealers here in Eureka. Neither will touch a saiga. I called one more, and he wants me to prove it's not Kalishnakov USA saiga in the list...he has one of those out-of-touch DOJ letters that lump them together. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A NORTHERN CALIFORNIA FFL DEALER THAT WILL TRANSFER A STOCK SAIGA RIFLE? i'M GETTING DESPERATE HERE....

01-08-2010, 9:38 PM
Russian American Arms Saiaga Rifles are legal. Give me a call and we will help you.