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01-04-2010, 8:38 PM
I have a 1911 para ordnance SSP 38 super, I was wondering if anyone has done any 38 super conversion to 9 mm. If I knew the ammo are hard to get and expensive, I should of just bought a 9mm. Thanks


01-04-2010, 8:59 PM
All you need to do is repalce the barrel with a 9mm unit. You may also need to tune the extractor but thats it. Many supers have been converted to 9mm, no big deal.

The 2 barrel options are a "drop in" fit which is ok and you can probally do yourself. I think you can buy a drop-in barrel from Para. An oversized barrel that will need to be fitted by a gunsmith will give the best results in function and accuracy. The gunsmith barrel may require a new barrel bushing but both will need a new link and link pin. Parts are less than $200 for a quality barrel. Look for Schuemann, KKM, Ed Brown, and the like. Para-Ordanance guns have a Clark/Para/Lissner ramp cut frame so you make sure the barrel you buy has that feed ramp.

01-05-2010, 6:42 PM
Hey, thanks for the info. I called different gun shops today and some are saying you can't convert it and the other shops said you can. I also called para-ordnance myself to verify and they said just buy a barrel, extractor, and a magazine.

Now, the only problem is finding the right barrel to use. Also, para-ordnance doesn't just sell the barrel it self. Thanks

01-05-2010, 7:07 PM
I'm 99.9% sure that your para ordnance has a ramped barrel for the 38 super and if it's pure stock it will take the Para/Clark ramp. You'll have to get a ramped 9mm barrel for it. There are 2 types of ramped 1911 barrels. One is the Wilson/Nowlin ramp the the other is the Clark/Para ramp. There is a difference and they will not interchange due to different ramp cuts. A drop in barrel may be good enough, but you'll get more pleasure in the accuracy department if you get a match fit barrel installed by a competent 1911 gunsmith. Although the 9mm doesn't have much recoil, a bull barrel is a joy to shoot.

01-17-2010, 10:17 PM
Can anyone advise on a smith that will do this? I have a .38super collecting dust that I would be happy to pay to have some work done on (especially if that work is to change to the less expensive 9mm.)
FWIW - it is a Springfield.

01-17-2010, 10:21 PM
Will Ohara in Corona,CA