View Full Version : Multi-caliber 1911?

01-03-2010, 11:14 PM
I have a complete Series 80 1911 in 38 Super and a pre-70 slide/barrel/bushing in 45 ACP. I'd like to configure things so that I could switch the slides between the frame and have a multi-caliber 1911.

I know about the Series 80 safety plunger and how to disable it. That doesn't appear to be the only significant change. I have tried to test fit the 45 slide on the frame, and the ejector doesn't fit. Looks like the 38 ejector is taller than the 45 ejector. Any easy way around that? Anything else I will run into if I try to push this further?

Anyone want to sell me a pre-70 bare frame in good shape?