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What case?

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I don't see why not. I think only handguns need to be transported in a locked case.

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See Bill's response below.

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Some incorrect or misinformation above.

A CA registered AW must be transported locked & unloaded, and between specific destinations - where it's expressly authorized to be possessed/used.

A locked car trunk by itself would be a locked container - if indeed it doesn't have fold-down rear seat access or (IMHO) a cabin pushbutton for pop-the-lid access, and if you only opened trunk/removed the rifle in authorized areas (your garage, at the range, out of state, in your buddy's backyard, etc.) Otherwise a separate locked case/container is needed.

The definition of 'locked container' for transport is not really defined that specifically, and is contained in 12026.1(d) PC (and is referred to by suite of AW laws in 12285(c)(7) PC for transport restrictions).12026.1(c) PC As used in this section, "locked container" means a
secure container which is fully enclosed and locked by a padlock,
key lock, combination lock, or similar locking device.

Just to cover some other ground, a very similar definition exists in 12026.2(d) PC:12026.2(d) PC As used in this section, "locked container" means a
secure container which is fully enclosed and locked by a padlock,
keylock, combination lock, or similar locking device. The term "locked
container" does not include the utility or glove compartment of a motor vehicle.
There is NO specifying of "hard" case, nor any standard of how well locked it is beyond using the above-specified locks. These could be used, of course - and of course, Saran wrap or plastic bag won't qualify. But a standard Galati or Bob Allen ballistic nylon rifle case, a substantial leather+cloth rifle case, etc. should suffice if locked.

But given the lack of definition a reasonable attempt such as what you propose should be OK. [In fact it'd be easier to get in the typical Doskocil-style hard case than it would a quality ballistic nylon, etc. case. - I can stand on a typical $30 plastic rifle case and it'll burst open, but then I'm 250+lbs.]

If you have a reg'd AW in such a case and the case had sufficient hoops/rings/etc. that can be secured by a padlock, I'd say that's good to go. If you can remove them by hand and it takes some time with a tool to destroy the case to gain access, that seems to be defendably sufficient.

And that's the way I run (plus my locked AWs are further locked in my locking Weathergard truck toolbox.

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Thank you, Bwiese

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Thanks Bill.

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There is a company Pickup Specialties that sell a under the seat storage bin. They are for pickup trucks where the back seat folds up. Thay also sell a special lock that locks the seat in the down position. I wish I knew how to post pics. It basically makes a locking container of the space under the back seat. I guess all rules would apply to this as does a trunck of a car? Excuse my ignorance but can a handgun be locked in the same area, not case with the ammo. Can I put my handguns in their soft cases locked under the seat with or without the ammo? Thanks for any help.