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01-02-2010, 4:32 PM
Date January 2, 2010

Contact Name L. Truett Phillips

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Subject City Council Message

Thank you for your support in the matter of the Second Amendment vs City/States..
While I spoke at the meeting I got the feeling that the council members did not grasp what they were doing. Did not understand the motion ...even the fellow who initiated the motion backed up and said "he did not mean it to be about the 2nd amend." well if its not about the 2nd amendment...what IS IT about?
I guess it just sounded like a nice politically correct , safe thing to go with.
But they dont have a clue how it impacts their constituents...nor do they seem to care..
So again , the city is about to embarrass itself nationally.. they are in over their heads.
Further..people who havent deeply studied an issue, have no right to make laws about it.
So I would like to provide a Seminar on Guns, Danger, Death & mayhem..
..Gunlaws, Gun Rights and Gun Wrongs.
I would have National Experts like Prof Gary Kleck , possibly John Lott and others...as well as local experts on various facets of the subject... Maybe it could be private just for the council or for the public too. What are your thoughts...? This may not seem like an important item..but some very wise fellows thought long and hard..they read the history of the world and they made it our Second Amendment. If thats not important I dont know what is. Again ..thanks to you and Robbie Walters and I didnt catch the other who voted with us...but thanks to you all. Anyway how 'bout a seminar..
what are your thoughts..?
Best Regards;
L.Truett Phillips

01-02-2010, 4:35 PM
What city?

01-02-2010, 4:38 PM