View Full Version : Official Hearing to ban firearms on 700,000 acres of desert, then 16 million more?

01-01-2010, 1:10 PM
Are you aware that you no longer have legal access to 16 million acres of California desert unless you walk or ride a horse? If the Center for Biological Diversity gets their way, it will be illegal to possess a gun on that acreage too (for the most part, it already is illegal).

Too few seem concerned over a recent petition filed by the same coalition of environmental extremists who brought you various changes to CA laws and regulations in the recent past, Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club, National Parks Conservation Association, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Defenders of Wildlife, and the Desert Tortoise Council. This is the same group of organizations who brought you No-lead Condor Zones, No cattle in the ex-BLM MNP, millions acres of NO ACCESS in the CA deserts, ad.nauseum. They are experts at spin and good at what they do - raise money and use it in court.

In the most bizarre plan ever conceived to "protect" the desert tortoise in the Mojave National Preserve, on November 19, 2009, the groups filed a petition with the California Fish and Game Commission asking them to rewrite the hunting regulations and decree a total ban on coyote hunting in the Preserve. Coyotes and Ravens have been long held to be the biggest threat to the Desert Tortoise. Arguing some of the most twisted logic ever contrived, their outlandish scheme would create a fully protected population of apex predators within more than a thousand square miles of sensitive desert tortoise habitat and try to convince you it was in the best interest of the reptiles to ban hunters and guns from it instead. Their petition can be downloaded here. (http://deserthunter.com/documents/mojavehuntban.pdf)

"Under current NPS regulations, the possession and discharge of weapons on the Federal lands within the Mojave National Preserve, is legal only in connection with authorized sport hunting." Well, now they want to ban almost all sport hunting.

The petition itself is rife with contrived conclusions designed to sway the California Fish and Game Commission, based on their desired outcome, but unsupported by the scientific facts. They even state that tortoises are in peril even within miles of any gunfire. It goes without stating, if they can ban coyote hunting and establish a protected population of apex predators, once the coyotes have killed all the game, there will be no legal guns within the "HUNTING" Preserve. Land that was once BLM, designated for recreation, grazing and mining, will now be closed to all access.

This group, Calguns, in particular, should be interested in the RKBA in the open spaces. If you're not careful you'll have a legal gun and absolutely no place where it is legal to possess it.