View Full Version : WTT Ruger 9MM mag for 1911A1 mag or ?

12-27-2009, 8:31 AM
Hello, Calguns people,

I've got a stray Ruger mag here, which I got along with some other misc, some time ago. its apparently original Ruger, not some 'brand x' 'after-market' make, and is new unused in its plastic wrap.

I don't know which model of Ruger it is for. I took it out of the wrap to measure it......its .820" wide, 1.253" front-to-back, and 4.892" over-all length, from the bottom of the plastic base-plate to the top of the follower.

Its marked with the Ruger Phoenix logo on the base-plate, and 9MM on the side, and has a yellow paper warning label glued to one side.

Can anyone use this, and would it be fair trade for a genuine Colt 1911A1 mag in new or 'as new' condition?

If so, please PM me here

(I'm also looking for one of the little 5rd mags used in the old Winchester M69, M75, and m52 22's.)