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12-25-2009, 10:46 AM
I was searching through the Solano County Ordinances for something unrelated and came across this:

Sec. 21-15. Discharge of firearms2
(a) The term “firearm” means any gun, pistol, revolver, rifle, automatic pistol or rifle, shotgun, air rifle, spring-operated BB gun, or any other weapon of a similar nature.
(b) No person shall discharge or fire any firearm on or into the highways and other public places in the County, except for the immediate apprehension of fugitives from justice and the preservation of the public peace.
(c) No person shall discharge or possess any firearms on, into or upon any lands belonging to or occupied by another unless he or she has in his or her possession the written permission of the owner to the lands or his or her agent or the person in possession of the lands.
(d) This section shall not apply to any peace officer or persons summoned by peace officers to assist in making an arrest or preserving the peace, or any person who is a member of the armed services of the United States, the national guard, or the state guard, or any person employed by the county, state, or by the United States to destroy predatory animals, birds, or pests, while such persons are acting in a lawful discharge of their duties.

Please tell me this is preempted by state law, otherwise it's not legal to carry anywhere without a notebook full of permission slips.

12-25-2009, 12:49 PM

Not pre-empted by anything at state level, AFICT. (Probably a good argument that CCW exempts the carrier, presuming no additional language on the license, but not certain)

Looks like it's meant to cover hunting and was written over-broadly.

12-25-2009, 10:21 PM
Now the question is the level of enforcement.