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12-25-2009, 3:33 AM
I have a like new new VO Counter Punch 6-25X56 front focal for sale. Scope has red/green illuminated R19 mil-dot reticle , side focus, 30mm tube body, focuses down to 10yards. Excellent bright and clear optic for bench rest or as a hunting scope. These scopes are intended for 50cal firearms use so they can withstand any amount of recoil from any magnum and super magnum springers, shock proof 1000g. Scope comes with a three inch sunshade, and flip up lens covers. Lifetime warranty on this one. These scopes are extremely tough and well build.

What is so special about first focal plane scopes?

In a variable-power rifle scope with the reticle in the first image plane, changing magnification enlarges or reduces the reticle image along with the target image. Reticle changes its size in lock-step with the target image as you change the magnification setting. Thus the reticle always covers the same percentage of the target area. Increase the power, and the target and reticle grow simultaneously. Decrease the power, and they both shrink. Either way, the reticle always covers, or subtends, the same amount of the target. First focal plane scopes are used extensively by the military and law enforcement agencies world wide.


Will take PayPal

$200 shipped from the first I'll take it.

12-25-2009, 11:00 AM
sold, thanks