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I have been a long time supporter of the Leupold line, but the Burris Fullfield line is a better value than the VX 1 and Rifleman with the same made in the USA life time warranty. A good scope and an excellent value.

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Super Sniper:D

10x scope that can take 50bmg fire no problem. Comes with Mil-dot reticle for fast multirange shooting and range finding all for the price of $299. Head over to AR15.com and look in the optics forum. Some good things being said about that scope. I hope to get one someday.

Scatch Maroo
12-06-2005, 12:44 PM
Also pro/cons of zoom vs. fixed objective, reticle preferences, etc. Learn me, please!

Adjustable magnification scopes have more things that can go wrong, while a fixed mag. is a bit sturdier. Considering the improvement of technology and manufacturing these days, this isn't much of a concern, especially since so many scope manufacturers offer life-time warranties.

Regarding reticles: if you ever want to shoot unknown distances, or shoot multiple targets at different distances, or ever learn how to compensate for windage, get a ranging reticle. That said, you're going to be stuck with the mil-dot lest you want to buy a scope in a higher quality bracket, but mil-dots aren't bad at all.

Super Sniper:D

10x scope that can take 50bmg fire no problem. Comes with Mil-dot reticle for fast multirange shooting and range finding all for the price of $299.

For $230 you can get the Mueller Tactical--it's a relatively new brand to the market, but they've been out for about two years and there are a LOT of customer reviews floating around. The glass is absolutely gorgeous for the money. I own two US Optics, so I'm really into optics (the Mueller doesn't compare to USO, but there's a 10-fold price difference).

Likewise, they are extremely reliable, AND it's adjustable (4-16x) so you can acquire shots much faster, and the extra magnification will be helpful if you put it on a bolt-action and want to use the mil-dots for ranging.

Scatch Maroo

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I have spent ALOT of money on optics over the years (10k+) and have tried many different scopes. My favorite are as follows:

1. all time favorite, Leupold MK4 3.5-10x with Mildot reticle and M3 turrets
I have one on my M25 Whitefeather and just ordered another for my Smith Enterprise "Crazy Horse Rifle" that is being built.

2. I have a SWFA Super Sniper (16x) on my custom folding stock Savage Tactical (14.5" bbl with Smith Enterprise Vortex Flash hider silver soldered and pinned) Nice scope but not as good in low light conditions as the MK4

3. I.O.R. Valdada 6x Hunters scope. I don't know if they make this one still or not. Just a really nice clear 6x38 (I think its a 38mm) hunting scope with a duplex reticle and super clear optics. I paid about $200.00 for it in 2000
I have this mounted on a Reminton 600 in .308 . This rifle has been on every hunting trip I have been on in the last 26 years. my favorite bolt action rifle.
Bought it at Simms Hardware in Sacramento for $108.00 in 1979 (Mom signed for it since I was twelve years old)

4. Budget scope- I have an old Simmons Whitetail 2-8x-36mm mounted on a CZ carbine in 7.62x39 got this scope for free from Simmons sales rep about 1994 I think. really nice for a cheap scope. Granite finish has held up well over the years. Consistant adjustments definately waterproof as this scope spent the night in about 20 feet of water due to a canoe accident (Don't ask)

Don't know if that helped at all but these are my favorites.


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SWFA Super Sniper. IMHO it's the best fixed pwr scope for the $$$$. I have 3 and love them.

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I have a Burris Balistic Plex and a Super Sniper and like them both. But for your steup I would look at this:
Quality optics and a good price. The SS would be too large for the setup you are looking at. Size balance is important with scopes.

12-06-2005, 9:42 PM
I currently have an aimpoint ML3, and a cheap NC Star scope, but I'm in the market for a reliable, well made scope that won't cost an arm and a leg. I know I've heard the "Spend as much money on glass as you do on the gun" mantra, but do I really have to throw down $800 bucks for a decent scope?

I want to mount it on my SOCOM for 250-300 yard shots, yet I want it to be versatile enough to use it on a SU-16, and eventually a bolt action rifle (probably a .308). Something that can take the recoil of the .308 and maybe get banged around a little bit if I eventually start hunting.

I really like the Burris 3-9X40 Fullfields that run about $200 but I've never used one personally. I'm willing to spend some cash...

Also pro/cons of zoom vs. fixed objective, reticle preferences, etc. Learn me, please!

I've also been trying to find the right scope for my Socom. Currently using an EOTech, which works fine, but I would like some more magnification. My only concern has been that mounting a scope on the forward picatinny rail might not provide me the correct eye relief. Will probably get the Burris 2.75X Scout scope, as having the ability to shoot with both eyes open appeals to me. The Burris scope is reasonably priced (around 200) and is supposed to be a good long eye-relief scope.

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hmmm, I might just have to look into that SA scope mount.
Do you have the Sage stock w/ pistol grip? My local gun store carries those types of stocks and I've thought about putting one of those on my Socom. I would have to find a way to affix the max, so it would be compliant with PRK law. And yes, it does look really cool - so much so that I'd be a little hesitant to bring it to the range. :D

BTW, Ali G is hilarious.;)

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Not really *quite* a scope, but as a Do-all optic, the ACOG is real hard to beat.

4x fixed glass that rivals (and probally beats) my $1300 nightforce.

red-dot style aiming at what looks like 1x close in too.

Good enough to give me 1/3MOA at 100+yds on the bipod too. (TA-31F Chevron reticule. Get the Chevron for any kind of precision.)