View Full Version : FN Police Shotgun

Jeff Rambo
12-06-2005, 1:01 AM
Are there any stock w/ pistol grip conversions out there for it? I am aware that FN makes the Tactical Police Shotgun that already has an AR-15 style stock w/ Pistol Grip, but I found a fairly decent deal ($419) on the Police model and if there are conversions out there I can get on it I imagine they would be $100 or less, so that is much cheaper than the $700+ that the FN TPS is going for.

12-18-2005, 8:11 PM
The FN Police is just a rebranded Winchester 1300, so it will take the Knoxx line of stocks, for example.

The FN Tactical Police is now on Gunbroker.com for $550 with a $240 C-More sight thrown in for free, so now the difference between the two in terms of cost is negligable.

Remember the TPS is backbored with a ported barrel, and has a picatinny rail; the FN Police does not.