View Full Version : Magazine Rebuild Report

12-05-2005, 4:34 PM
I own two S.L. SMITH & ASSOCIATES, INC pre 1994 20 round magazines that would not lock the bolt on the last round for the Ruger Mini 14.

Since I have been cleaning out my shooting supplies/rangebox/safe I thought I would order some new WOLF springs and new Ruger smooth followers from Brownells. I have many 20 round magazines for the Mini and if I could not make these work I would sell them as repair bodies only.

I disassembled the magazines and removed the springs and textured followers, and replaced then with the factory follower and high power spring. Wow what a difference. The magzines always fit well, but the follwers always dipped and would not lock the bolt. The springs give a lot of tension and the follower stays level and seems to be a bit taller than the old ones. Very happy with the procedure. Wolf springs get a big fat A+.

I also ordered from USA Midway a floor plate and a John Masen Follower for a SA INC 10 round M1A magazine body a friend gave me.

John Masen followers are junk. Not only was the follower full of rust, but the damn thing was dinged. 3.99 for this. No. I have GI box magazines that are older than I am (32), and the followers are perfect. Not happy. Floorplate seemed new.

This is the second time I purchased a "John Masen" follwer with the same result. Not good.

Brownells sells SA inc followers, and will have to order one or two.