View Full Version : Received my Romanian AK Parts Kit Today.

12-22-2009, 2:59 PM
I received my Romanian AK parts kit today. It was very on par with the price I paid. I was not expecting a "perfect" kit at this price. The front half was spectacular. No rust or pits. Good bore. Excellent for rebuilding. The rear half was a little more worn. Only two of the parts were in iffy shape, and they were easy to replace. They were the trigger guard and the receiver cover. The trigger guard had a little more rust on it than I would have liked, and the rear receiver cover had a dot or two of rust which is not bad. Both are available in new condition online for much cheaper overall than a "perfect" parts kit would have ran me, so all in all I feel I got a great deal on a good kit.

I have yet to see a kit that all the parts are ideal for rebuilding and did not require you to get one or two parts elsewhere. So for those who think they can get that without paying an ARM and LEG, don't count on it. For the price I paid, this kit is great. The front half was the most imporant half to me because I am not about to build a rifle with a messed up barrel, and it was excellent. So I can proceed confident my rifle with have nice foundation.

I was pleased to discover it included a slant break. I had not realized it would come with one, a kit I bough previously from a different supplier did not. So I consider that a bonus.