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12-19-2009, 12:35 PM
Friday, December 18, 2009 Rider Passed Protecting Military Firearms, Ammunition, and Components

With the holiday season upon us, and the end of the year fast approaching, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 3326—the Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 2010. With the passage of this bill, NRA-ILA wraps up its appropriations work for the year.

Our efforts on the huge spending bill were rewarded with the restoration of a longstanding rider to protect M-1 carbines, M-1 Garands, M-14s, .22 caliber rifles, and others from being destroyed.

This language also includes a prohibition on the destruction of small arms ammunition and components, and a response to the short-lived concern over destruction of spent brass casings earlier this year.

Section 8019 of the bill reads: "None of the funds available to the Department of Defense may be used to demilitarize or dispose of M-1 Carbines, M-1 Garand rifles, M-14 rifles, .22 caliber rifles, .30 caliber rifles, or M-1911 pistols, or to demilitarize or destroy small arms ammunition or ammunition components that are not otherwise prohibited from commercial sale under Federal law, unless the small arms ammunition or ammunition components are certified by the Secretary of the Army or designee as unserviceable or unsafe for further use."

NRA-ILA would like to thank U.S. Representative John Murtha (D-PA) for his help in getting the rider restored and expanded.

To read the full bill, please see: http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-h3326/text

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Does this mean the CMP will finally be allowed to de-machinegun them and sell them off? :)

The M14 isn't like an M16. Converting them to S/A status is a permanent modification. Unlike an M16 which would require complete receiver replacement.

Doug L
12-19-2009, 12:51 PM
NRA-ILA would like to thank U.S. Representative John Murtha (D-PA) for his help in getting the rider restored and expanded.
That would be John "Western Pennsylvania is a racist area" Murtha...huh, interesting.

12-19-2009, 4:24 PM
No more demilling military brass!!

12-19-2009, 5:45 PM
Just says DOD cant use funds to do it, not that it cant be done. a small step in the right direction. I suspect they will simply accept bids from outside firms to demil the stuff for its scrap value. Same end result, the stuff gets destroyed, just the DOD doesnt pay to have it destroyed.