View Full Version : opinions on Yugoslavian Mauser M24/47 please

11-29-2005, 7:55 PM
I dropped in to my local Big5 on the way home from work and they had Yugo mausers for $99.. Is that a good deal? Seems like a fun rifle to send some inexpensive ammo down range. Are they worth it? are they junk? are they....?
What do you guys think? Thanks

Mssr. Eleganté
11-29-2005, 10:00 PM
The Yugo 24/47 is a good rifle. They just aren't as collectable as other Mausers so you can pick them up for less. The 24/47's used to be Model 1924 Mausers that were made by FN in Belgium and also by the Serbians in Yugoslavia. Then they were refurbished by the Yugos in 1947.

Since they were altered from their original configuration after WWII, they don't have as much historical interest from collectors. And since they are based on an intermediate length Mauser action that is about 1/4 inch shorter than the standard Mauser action, they don't have as much value to custom Mauser builders.

The M24/47 should have a straight bolt handle, but many of the current batch have bent bolts from Yugo M48's substituted. The straight bolt handle is more authentic, but many folks prefer bent bolt handles.

If you want a good shooter make sure you check all of the guns on the rack at Big 5 to get one with the best bore. Take a cleaning rod and patches with you and ask the manager if you can pass a patch down the bores. Also ask if they have any more rifles in the back. Sometimes they'll say no, other times they're happy to have somebody cleaning the guns for them.

11-30-2005, 12:50 AM
If you wanna snazz it up a little pick up the mauser synthetic stock with built in scope mount, etc. from combatstocks.com


It looks kinda like a Steyr Scout with a tumor... but it can certainly contribute to a fun little plinker.