View Full Version : WTB: AK74 parts kit

12-16-2009, 6:30 PM
Edit: Found a kit

02-03-2010, 6:22 PM
I know it's not original barrel, but at least the barrel is chrome lined and all the crap is already installed on the barrel for you (call them to make sure):


You're looking at $400+ for an original barrel kit......fyi.

02-04-2010, 11:10 PM
I've seen a couple matching, original barrel 74 kits go for 350 but they usually go quick. I guess if worst comes to worst I'll buy a kit with a new barrel and put in the extra work.

02-05-2010, 10:26 AM
That's exactly what I'm trying to say.....Atlantic already "did the extra work" for you and installed all the parts onto the new barrel.
All you gotta do is press it onto the trunnion.

Of course, call them yourself to make sure this is in fact true (and if still available).

02-05-2010, 11:34 AM
Those kits will still need to be head spaced and have the barrel pin drilled. This is for his first build so he's trying to avoid that. For the extra $$ over the price of the Atlantic kit it'as worth getting a factory barrel that was set up properly. Plus, speaking from experience with 4 of the those exact kits that are in my garage right now they didn't do such a great job on the pins with many mushroomed a bit. Not something I like but they are a battle buddys kits that I'm helping out with.


02-05-2010, 5:31 PM
Good point.....drilling the barrel pin is the sux.
Head spacing is the sux too but there will be a lot of folks that can help out with that if it ever comes down to it.