View Full Version : WTB: Heritage rough rider, or maybe another single action .22 revolver

12-12-2009, 4:20 PM
Looking for a heritage rough rider with adjustable sights. Preferably one chambered in only .22lr with the shorter cylinder and tighter bore (not the combo package) with a 6.5" barrel, other ones may be considred. Function is more important than looks to me, let me know what you have.

I will also consider other .22 revolvers, but I am not looking to spend more than 250 out the door after the dros, and less would be preferred obviously

I will consider one with non adjustable sights if I can shoot it before hand to make sure it isn't shooting off target, but adjustable sights are preferred.

Going to a range to try out the gun before buying it would be a plus also. I will pay my range fee.

Located in Stockton, willing to travel up to 1 hour.