View Full Version : Condor Drop Leg Dump Pouch

12-08-2009, 12:17 PM
-Sold Two 20 round Tapco SKS mag rebuild kits. Like new condition.

-Condor dump pouch drop leg system in coyote Tan color. Never used except to test how many mags will fit.
$20, shipping extra.
It's designed to accommodate a gas mask and can, or a large number of magazines/drums.
It can hold either 14 AR-15 mags, 10 AK mags, 7 Saiga 12 ten-round mags, 2 AK drums.

Trade for below items:
LULA Magazine Loader FN FAL
European surplus FN FAL 20-rd metric mag rebuild kits in good condition

S.F. East Bay Area