View Full Version : WTS-Have a M1 Garand Accessory 'Starter Kit' for a new owner of one! $40 shipped/BO?

12-07-2009, 8:14 PM
I have a 'M1 Garand accessory kit' for sale . All the pieces are in VG to Exc/New shape. I will not be getting a M1 in the foreseeable future at this point so maybe someone else can use these to 'kit out' their M1.

Kit consists of -
12 x 8rd enbloc clips
1 complete cleaning rod set w/canvas holder
1 winter trigger
1 grenade launcher sight complete except for the part that mounts to the rifle.
1 black nylon pouch to hold 1 x 8rd loaded clip-only non military part in the group-new.
2 bandoleers-1 new Danish w cardboard pieces,1 used GI without the cardboard bits
1 small grease container w/GI grease inside it
1 'double test tube' container set w/ the long wire type applicator
1 green GI cleaning solvent container
1 multi tool for the garand--look at the picture because I cannot remember all the stuff it is used for.

Anyway it would be a cool thing to give someone who just got their 1st Garand! GI Xmas Stocking Stuffer!!!!

Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail with Signature Required or some other method to confirm delivery and receipt. PU/meetup can be arranged if local
I accept Postal MO, Cash, PayPal, and possibly personal checks from long time members in good standing.

I will ship the item within 24 hours of payment receipt unless there is a holiday or I get payment too late on Saturday.

Asking $40 shipped to 'where-ever' or BO??
Thank's guys