View Full Version : want to turn your AR15 carbine into an A3 configuration?

12-04-2009, 8:36 PM

Im wanting to turn my A3 AR into a smaller carbine (M4 style) rifle.

What I have is a Bushmaster 5.56 A3 upper with plastic handguards and 20 inch barrel, chrome lined, 1:9 twist. about 200 rounds have been fired and well cleaned and oiled after every trip. also periodic cleaning even when not fired as your suposed to do. upper complete !!!MINUS Bolt Carrier Group.!!!

I am wanting a carbine 5.56 uppper with 16 in barrel. since mine dosent have the bolt carrier group, you would obviously keep your BCG in the trade so that you would still have a %100 A3 upper
Please have low round count similar to mine. and I hope you have kept yours clean, if we meetup and it is dirty as sin then this trade wont happpen.

to complete the transformation, we will need to trade stocks. reason being is the A3 buffer and tubes are quite different than your carbine.

LOCAL ONLY will not ship anything.


12-05-2009, 12:16 AM
Good luck on your trade, I'm sure someone out there is wanting to change configurations! :)

I just wanted to chip in and say that if you do this, you're best off trading complete uppers and leaving the BCGs in their respective uppers. A new bolt & bolt carrier is no big deal, but a used bolt & bolt carrier will have "fitted" itself to your upper over time. Just a thought.

Richie Caketown
12-05-2009, 1:10 AM
you in for a stag 2h upper?