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11-13-2005, 12:17 AM
I was at the Glendale gun show today and wanted to buy a vz52. Well the officals who ran the show referred to their "expert". He claimed that even though it was a C&R, that because it was semiautomatic I would have to DROS it. Now I realize that a vz52 was not 50 years or older so I would probably have to DROS it anyway but I have never heard of the semiautomatic rule. Anybody heard of this? I couldn't find any reference to it on the CA DOJ webiste. The "expert" said that it was "new" and that he was just getting the updates from DOJ.

Another bit of misinformation concerned the 10 day wait. I have an 03 FFL and COE but they claimed that I had to wait the 10 days since it was not 50 years or older. To me the law only says that you have to DROS and not undergo the 10 day wait as in (from the DOJ FAQ):

Who is exempt from the waiting period? *
The most common exemptions to the 10-day wait include:
*a.* California law enforcement officers are exempt from the waiting period if they have a letter signed by the head of the agency or commanding officer, stating they are full time paid peace officers authorized to carry a firearm in the performance of their duties and authorizing the purchase.* The dealer must retain the original letter and attach it to the DROS record.*

b. Persons who have special weapons permits issued by DOJ are exempt. The dealer must retain a copy of the permit and attach it to the DROS record.* Qualifying special weapons permits include:

1. Possession of Short-barreled Rifle/Shotgun, (PC Section 12095);
2. Possession or Sales of Machine Guns (PC Section 12230, 12250); and
3. Possession of Destructive Device (PC Section 12305).*

c. Persons who have a curio and relic collector's license issued by the BATF and who have a valid COE issued by the DOJ are exempt from the waiting period only when purchasing curio and relic firearms. The dealer must retain a copy of the FFL collector's license and the COE.*

Am I getting smoke blown up the keester?

11-13-2005, 3:01 AM
I think you should feel quite smoky right now :D

The semiauto rule is total bullsheeit. There is no SUCH THING. If a rifle is older than 50 years and is not an AW, have at it and have fun.

I'm not too sure how the COE permit works since I don't have one, but I believe any C&R is exempt. yOu may want to check with DOJ.

I'll be passing by the Glendale show tomorrow morning to check it out.


11-13-2005, 5:50 AM
If you have an 03 FFL and a COE, you are exempt from the waiting period for ALL C&R firearms purchased from a dealer, regardless of their age. It is outlined in Penal Code 12078(t)(1). Handguns still have to be DROSed in order to register them.

11-13-2005, 2:35 PM
Misinformation comes from all sides, but I gotta say: a lot of the guys who deal guns aren't the most educated or well read people at all.........

Sometimes you need to pull up a book too and show them.

11-13-2005, 10:30 PM
Sometimes you need to pull up a book too and show them.

Yeah, but the semiautomatic baloney threw me for a loop. I would have quoted book, chapter and verse otherwise with the utmost of tact and diplomacy of course. Last night I spent 2 hours creating my own FAQ/cheat sheet for situations like the one that occurred on Saturday.

At any rate, I think if I asked 4 different 01 FFLs the same question I would get 4 different answers.

The only good part is that the wife sympathized with me.... hmmm, maybe she was secretly glad that I didn't bring home another gun?:eek:

My only (other) regret is that I didn't go back for the rest of the 1400 rounds of 7.62X45mm the guy had. Oh well....

11-20-2005, 10:03 PM
Update - Something stinks here....

Okay, so I show up at the dealer on 11/19 Saturday to see if I can pick up my rifle (Gun Gallery, Glendale) and meet a guy working the counter named "Eddie". He seems pretty nice and I explain my situation to him and that there is and exemtion to the 10 day wait for C&R license holders who also hold a valid COE. He defers my request and tells me to wait until 2PM for Robert to get back since he is not authorized to release any guns. I cant make it to the shop until Sunday.

So I call Sunday (11/20) to see if I can come down to pick up the rifle and end up speaking to Robert who says, well no way, "I wanna play it safe". I am ready to quote penal code etc.. and he will have none of it since he says "the DROS has been sent in and he doesn't want to change any dates". Well fine I say, but I found out that I can't pick up my rifle until Saturday (11/27). This means that he hadn't DROS'd it until the Thursday FIVE DAYS after buying the gun at the Glendale gun show on Saturday. He also stated that he would have to changed the dates on the DROS document if I wanted to pick it up earlier. Wouldn't he have to change the dates entered in the original DROS form to jibe with a Saturday pick-up date?

So after all this he asks me why I didn't pick the rifle up on the day of the show. GEEZ!!! :mad: Also that he deals with class 2 and class 3 licenses and has never heard of 03 C&R license. (I thought that class 3's are virtually non-existent since CA basically says that only special effects houses can have full-auto?). I think he's confusing state law with federal law since he kept on saying he had to call "ATF" to check.

My two problems with this dealer are as follows: 1) not knowlegable on the law even when you quote chapter and verse, 2) slow in performing the DROS paperwork. The second is inexcusable.

I don't think I'll be frequenting this place again which is too bad since I saw a couple of pieces that I liked.

11-21-2005, 6:03 AM
I looked at Gun Gallery's table at the Glendale gun show. most stuff is either full retail, or marked up! NO Thanks... I'd rather spend my money at Turner's outdoorsman.

FN 5.7USG- GG price- $1000!! Turner's price $850 (or $799, I was last told).
They need to realize that you might snare a few newbies, but the 'pros' shop around. I've spend a little more to buy from a guy I really liked, but a 20% markup for a new indifferent store? You jest.