View Full Version : WTS: Eotedh 553 sold, Crony Sold, and misc. price drop and new stuff added.

12-03-2009, 8:45 PM
Gamma Shooting Crony
New in box, $100Sold

http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/2937/img0265yq.th.jpg (http://img692.imageshack.us/i/img0265yq.jpg/)
http://img709.imageshack.us/img709/4664/img0270.th.jpg (http://img709.imageshack.us/i/img0270.jpg/)
Eotech 553.A65 Tan
Used but in good condition, new batteries in the scope, somewhat used ones included. This is the one with dual ARMS throw levers. Put the decal on the right side.

http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/961/img0266h.th.jpg (http://img259.imageshack.us/i/img0266h.jpg/)
Nordic Clear P-MAG extension. New. $1510

http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/4850/img0277l.th.jpg (http://img249.imageshack.us/i/img0277l.jpg/)
California Competition Works .308 X 8 mag storage pouch.
One slightly used other new. Both are $10

Forgot about these.
http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/188/img0258w.th.jpg (http://img697.imageshack.us/i/img0258w.jpg/)
Wilson officer model magazines. New $20 each.

And these
http://img121.imageshack.us/img121/7851/img0256l.th.jpg (http://img121.imageshack.us/i/img0256l.jpg/)
STI 10rnd 40 S&W New $30

Will ship, buyers pays flat rate box shipping. Better would be pickup at Firing Line Burbank or meet if not too far.
Will take cash, check, MO, or paypal.

Thanks for looking.

12-04-2009, 1:38 PM
pm's replied too

12-04-2009, 1:48 PM
I'll take the chrony.

12-07-2009, 2:56 PM
Monday bump, plus lower prices and new stuff.

12-07-2009, 4:06 PM
I'll take the eotech

12-07-2009, 7:48 PM
If Sammy doesn't take the eotech I will

12-08-2009, 2:30 PM
If Sammy doesn't take the eotech I will

Oh no, it is mine HAHAHAAAA!!!! No flakes here. Bump for ya!

12-11-2009, 12:38 PM
Great person to deal with! Thanks!

12-13-2009, 12:35 AM
Ill take this pending PM

"Nordic Clear P-MAG extension. New. $10"