View Full Version : The progress on my AR-10s has been pathetic (pics)

12-01-2009, 4:42 PM
Man it has been some wait! I placed the order for all my AR-10 parts (except for the lowers) exactly 1 year ago today. Today, UPS dropped off the stripped uppers. I received the BCGs and CHs three months ago. Armalite is back-logged like nobody's business--and still VERY much is for the critical AR-10 equipment like stripped uppers and BCGs.

I got the lowers very quickly at $300 each last July. I never overpaid for anything thankfully. I've just been waiting patiently for Armalite to complete my order. I could probably finish one rifle quickly as I just need a barrel and handguard..........cept another problem has arisen.................$$$$. With tuition rises and 1 semester of school left.........these bad boys will have to wait a while.....................

I'm thinkin I'll sell some of my carbines cuz I really want to be able to complete my 36" AR-10 F class rig :D


12-01-2009, 5:13 PM
how about you can sell me the one of the stripped upper and lower :)

12-01-2009, 5:49 PM
lol. Sellin the extra has crossed my mind. Got $1050? :p

12-01-2009, 5:51 PM
I'm excited -- it was an AR-10T on a Noveske lower that was going to be my first "calguns" built -- I got the complete 10T upper from Armalite before the Obamarush -- and then chickened out -- sent it back -- ow I wish I had built that gun. You pics have inspired me to start again...

12-01-2009, 5:56 PM
I just finished mine the other day. Took me a year to build it. I kinda got caught up in the obama rush and bought the lower for waaaay to much and didnt realize how hard it was going to be to find the parts. I just need a scope and bipod for it now.

12-01-2009, 7:14 PM
Hang in there... honestly I'd say just finish and have one to at least get you there. Sell the other parts but keep the lower receiver so you can always build it up. I really need to invest in a .308 lower in case ban insanity ever comes back.

What lowers are those btw?

12-01-2009, 7:33 PM
They are Aero Precision lowers

12-01-2009, 8:17 PM
I just got a call today that Armalite is sending my 20" upper out in the next week. Pretty surprising since I ordered it this summer.... But my Noveske Lower has been eagerly waiting since Spring.

12-01-2009, 8:18 PM
You're about 300% further on your AR10 builds than I am on mine.

<---------------------- still needs to get AR10 rxvrs.

12-01-2009, 9:33 PM
And I need barrels and handguards, finally got my forward assist BCGs couple weeks ago.

12-01-2009, 11:14 PM
i have one but i want another one but in a carbine length

12-02-2009, 11:50 AM
Uh if you lag I am in the neolithic age.