View Full Version : Utah Florida non-resident carry permit??

11-08-2005, 1:36 PM
Has anyone gotten a non-resident CCW permit lately?
I seem to remember a lot of good information in older threads here about getting a non-resident permit, I think at Costa Mesa or Ventura show?
I go out of state on work/vacation and would like to have a permit. My old Georgia permit expired (which wasn't honored in California but was in other states), but Georgia doesn't renew for non-residents.
I also thought I used to see links on packing.org to a group that did the training here in southern cal but didn't see that either. It looks like Utah would easiest, anyone get a permit lately??

11-08-2005, 7:48 PM
I completed a one day marathon classroom / range qualification for NV about 3 weeks ago in Reno (OR is next on the llist). By the time I finished, the sheriff’s office was long closed. Waited until the next day (Tuesday) to apply in Washoe (sp?) county. I was told that on Wednesday, they (Washoe) process ccw applications exclusively.

The instructor also offered UT if interested. I already have FL, thus passed on UT. Apparently, UT is less expensive than FL to apply for. On the flip side, FL will honor non-FL safety training. Crunch the numbers to determine what's more economical.

Everyone at the sheriff's office was very pleasant and non-judgmental throughout the process.

11-08-2005, 7:57 PM


I belive it's a matter of downloading the application, doing the online course, and then doing the range qualification. You'll also need fingerprints taken.

I did mine at Firearms Training Associates in Norco. http://www.ftatv.com The Utah Instruction was the first day, and the Kalifornia one took both days.

IIRC, it was $65 and not a long time to get a response back.