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11-07-2005, 9:09 AM
It now appears our brilliant Ivy League "honor" student, Meleia Willis-Starbuck - who was killed a couple of months ago in Berkeley - in fact met her demise through a drunken "self-inflicted drive-by shooting".

Some of you might recall that this young woman travelled to Cuba & Vietnam to study 'social justice', while others might remember her relatives actually called for more gun control in the aftermath of her death.

It's important to not let this be brushed aside because otherwise she'll be held up as a symbol for gun control and various 'stop the violence' campaigns - unless it's continually pointed out her demise was almost directly and completely under her control (or lack of, perhaps, since she was legally drunk).

When soldiers have called in fire upon their positions and perish, they're honored with medals. Ms. Starbuck just managed to earn herself a Darwin award.

Since this 'self-inflicted drive-by' demise may indeed be the first of its kind in the USA, perhaps Brown Univ. should revise its curricula and admissions standards for in-on-a-pass liberal arts majors ;) Anger management, anyone?

Bill Wiese
San Jose


SF Chronicle - 7 Nov 2005
New Details in July Shooting of Berkeley Student
Philip Matier & Andrew Ross

How's this for chilling - the night before she was shot in Berkeley over the summer, Dartmouth College student Meleia Willis-Starbuck handled the very gun that was used to kill her.

That's the story Willis-Starbuck's friend and accused killer Christopher Hollis is telling authorities, and it's one of several new details emerging from the tragic shooting.

The 19-year-old Willis-Starbuck, who graduated from Berkeley High School and had just finished her freshman year at Dartmouth, was arguing with a group of UC Berkeley football players and their friends on College Avenue early July 17 and reportedly used her cell phone to call Hollis.

Hollis, 22, arrived in a car and allegedly fired several shots into the crowd from a half block away, one of which hit Willis-Starbuck in the chest.

Nobody wants to talk about it publicly, but according to attorneys and law enforcement sources close to the case, significant new evidence is emerging on Willis-Starbuck's role in the incident.

It's been reported that the trouble started when one of the players insulted Willis-Starbuck and her friends, calling one of them "Chewbacca,'' a reference to the large, wooly character from "Star Wars."

It turns out that witnesses have told authorities that at least one player tried to apologize for the name calling but that Willis-Starbuck wouldn't back down, even when her friends tried to coax her into a car.

"I got my people,'' sources quote Willis-Starbuck as having said.

In the nine minutes leading up to her fatal shooting at 1:43 a.m., cell phone records show she placed five calls to Hollis -- reaching him four times -- and by most accounts, cajoled her friend to come to her aid.

Hollis has told police that Willis-Starbuck knew he had a gun because she had actually handled his .38-caliber revolver just the night before.

One witness also told authorities that Willis-Starbuck had urged Hollis to "bring the heat,'' though the witness later recanted that statement.

There was something else as well. According to sources, newly completed toxicology tests show Willis-Starbucks' blood-alcohol level was 0.15 percent -- nearly double the legal definition of drunkenness. Add it all up, and you have the elements of a tragedy in the making.

"The question of her conduct and what she was communicating to my client is an important factor for consideration,'' said John Burris, Hollis' defense attorney, who has argued that his client was only trying to scare the people taking on Willis-Starbuck when he fired in their direction. "It's another piece of the puzzle.''

Hollis, by the way, is due back in court later this month to set a preliminary hearing date.

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11-07-2005, 10:24 AM
Well when you hang around bad people bad things will happen. This was obviously her fault, for knowingly calling a person(a pretty irresponsible person) she knew had a gun. Not a very smart thing to do. I bet you won't see this article on Brady's site..

11-07-2005, 10:26 AM
I used to live a few blocks away from where this all went down when I went to Cal. I remember when it first happened the media was all over it portraying Starbuck as an innocent victim. Now it looks like she wasn't so innocent after all.

11-07-2005, 11:15 AM
Mr. Hollis was convicted of felony possession of Marijuana in 2002. How did he get a gun? His late friend should have pointed out to him that he can't possess when she was shown the gun.

11-07-2005, 2:35 PM
She called 5 times....

Wonder what her defense would have been had one of the gentlemen been killed instead.

11-08-2005, 11:34 AM
I heard rumors soon after this happened. I wish this would get the media attention that the "tragedy" of her death did.