View Full Version : AR15 10/20 Mag Brand & Source?

11-28-2009, 11:34 AM
I have not had good luck with C-Products mags for my AR15, and am looking for the best 10 round mags available. I understand these to be MagPaul P-Mags and USGI. ??? I know the 10/20s have to be modified, and it appears the vendors do this. Any recommendations on what sources do this modification well or better than others? I am also looking for a couple of straight 10 rounders (not the 10/20 or 10/30). When I use a rest, the rear leg of the rest is directly below the mag, meaning I need the short mag to get it out without disturbing the gun.

What sources do a good job on the modification that I could buy from? I was looking at Midwest PX and CaLegalMags. Others? Midwest PX has P-Mags that are cut down to 10 round size, which is nice when using the rest.

Thank you.

- Phil