View Full Version : My babies - 10/22's and 96/22

11-27-2009, 11:05 AM

Pretty much everything has been re-worked inside and out. list of accessories could go on forever. :)
But here's the summary:
GM barrels
DIY trigger jobs
VQ extractors
VQ hammers
10/22 T stock
harris bipod
etc etc

I still have to change the stock on the 96/22 with a sweet VQ 10/22 magnum stock. I actually switched the 96 to shoot 17hm2 with a simple barrel swap. So now it's a 96/17hm2. The Green sporter is a laser beam with Wolf MT. I shot this set of 10 5-shot groups at 25yd the first time out with it after doing the re-work. I havent shot it since, but im extrremely pleased:


Here's the 10/22 I made to look like my .223 Savage VLP. The next one is out shooting jacks, as you can see its pretty heavy to carry for hunting. After this trip I decided to buy and build the above gun. Heres a couple action shots with it though:

Savage and new twin:

Showing off the Tri-mags


Happy shooting!!