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11-04-2005, 9:48 AM
To all,

Here is a letter I received from Neil Connolly of Mustang Range Ltd regarding a lot of crap thatís going on in Nevada regarding CCWs. Even if you donít have a Nevada CCW I encourage you to help this cause. If you are thinking of acquiring a Nevada CCW I highly recommend contacting Neil for class dates.



1) As you may have heard in the news, the Nevada Chiefs & Sheriffs Assoc. and the Nevada Department of Public Safety have been playing some real un-ethical games with our CCW program. Please read the attached flyer and voice your concerns to Sheriff Pierini and the Governor. (call and call often) Please forward the attached flyer to all your shooting friends.

Shoot safe

Neil Connolly
Mustang Range Ltd.

Nevada CCW holders

In a vote by the Nevada Chiefs and Sheriffs Assoc. (NC&SA) YOU have been stripped of your rights, violent criminals are allowed to keep their weapons and a new GUN TAX has been imposed!

Why this happened is actually a two part (cover up) story...

(1)Under the incompetent supervision of Major B. Wideman, the Nevada Department of Public Safetyís (NDPS) CCW background check system has failed 3 audits performed by the ATF. Since 2002, Major Wideman has been hiding his failures from the public and lying to the state legislature in order to cover up the disgraceful management of our background check system.

(2) The NC&SA voted to stop conducting the NCIC background check and legal residency (illegal alien) checks on CCW holders. BTW: It appears some sheriffs were not doing any background checks at all! They were just giving away free permits to their friends and political supporters.

In order to cover up their (NC&SA) failures and prevent further humiliation of the NDPS, the NC&SA voted to pull the plug on most of the background check system and pocket your application fee. NOTE: The ATF offered an extension until April 2006 to fix the system. The NC&SA refused the offer!

These cowardly acts of lazy bureaucrats presents several problemsÖ

A) The CCW holders will have to pay the $25 background check fee every time they buy a gun.

B) Violent criminals will be able to keep their CCWs, even after spending years in prison.

C) Because of Nevadaís new lower standards, some states will not honor NV CCWs.

In an interview: The President of the NC&SA and Douglas County Sheriff Ron Pierini said that; "The NC&SA members could not be bothered to conduct the required checks because CCWs only benefits a small number of our citizens" You are wrong Sheriff Pierini, keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals not only benefits all of society, itís your job.

(1) Call Douglas County Sheriff Ron Pierini today and let him know that your rights and freedoms cannot be voted away by a worthless group of petty bureaucrats!

(2) Call Governor Guinn and demand that Major Wideman be made to answer for his incompetence and lying to members of the legislature about the faults of the DPS system.

***Demand that Governor Guinn & Sheriff Pierini fix the system NOW!

Burn up their phone lines with your calls and faxes. Be persistent with both the volume and frequency of your calls. Call them 20 times a day (every day) and fax!

Sheriff Ron Pierini (775) 782-9900 Fax 783-6401

Governor Kenny Guinn (775) 684-5670 Fax 684-5683

BTW: Contrary to some of the mis-information being spread by the likes of Washoe County Sheriff Dennis Balaam, this problem is not the fault of ATF. It is the arrogance and incompetence of our home grown bureaucrats that created this mess. Surprisingly, ATF has been very helpful with finding solutions.

11-04-2005, 7:14 PM
Do you have any insight / idea about the implications for application currently in the review process? I submitted mine 2 weeks ago in Washoe County.

Mike Searson
11-05-2005, 9:41 AM
This has no affect on CCW applications.

This is about a part of the CCW that's a benefeit to NV gun owners.

Most states with CCW exempt the buyer from background check due to the Brady law. BATF did several audits of the NV CCW system and found it lacking.

BATF ruled that it did not meet standards and CCW holders have to go through the background check like anyone else when buying guns.

Believe it or not, the vast majority of people who have NV CCW got it solely for being exempt from the background check...or more importantly, the $25 fee charged everytime the background check is run when you purchase a firearm through a dealer.

Personally, I think NV should adopt the Florida CCW system...it seems to be the most effective system in the country.

11-05-2005, 6:23 PM
This has no affect on CCW applications.
Thanks for the clarification.