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11-01-2005, 6:41 AM
Does anyone know of a place in the Bay area to hunt wild boar? I used to hunt on private property off Mines Road in Livermore a few years back. Now, the land owners sold the property and I don't have a place to go other than Ventana Wilderness and other parts of the Monterey County, most of which are now private land. Where do you guys go to hunt boar? Is it private or public land? Just wonddering. Oh yeah, using a rifle or handgun. Got tired of using a bow and not that great of a shot.


11-06-2005, 7:50 AM
They are tough on public land, all the ones I killed on public were down by Coalinga when I was younger.And I had to work for them. Now I hunt them on private mostly. There are a lot of ranches with pigs running all over them these can be really fun hunts.I had a place to hunt on the backside of Diablo, but it was sold too. There were alot of pigs on it.

11-06-2005, 10:33 PM
Me and a buddy have rights to pass and hunt on 1700 acres in the foothills east of Merced. LOTS of pigs and coyotes. It really pi$$es off the other property owners in the area, because they like to sell pig hunts (even though they don't have guide licenses) and they call F & G on us damn near every time we hunt there. They tell F & G that we're poaching and we have to go through being checked out, vehichles searched, notifying the land owner, answering questions etc. They wait for us to leave and then pull us over and basically hassle us, even though we are completely legit. The local wardens and the other ranchers are part of the "good 'ol boy" mentality. We bust our share of pigs and yotes, and put up with the harassment, because there's little else we can do. Private hunting grounds are hard to come by. We get a kick out of waving to the wardens while they wait on the road for us to leave. Of course, they then pull us over and go through their imitation of ATF agents. Guess they're just jealous 'cause we can hunt while they have to work. And it's really interesting when we shine 'yotes at night. You'd think we were rustling cattle the way they respond. Nothing better to do, I guess. :mad: Wonder what the neighbors think when they see all the pig and coyote skulls (and a few deer heads) hanging from the trees to bleach in the sun. Must figure that we're some kind of cult or something.:) Peace and God bless, Wolfsong.

11-07-2005, 10:10 AM
start writing thank you letters to the particular DFG agents and their supervisors each time it happens, politely explaining the situation. after enough of those letters, if they don't wise up, send them farther up the food chain. all cerified mail, of course.

if that does not do it, start videotaping the officers as they run through what they do. they will not want to be videotaped, and they will not appreciate being sent by some PO'd landowner to be videotaped.

11-07-2005, 7:25 PM
Well, it only gets worse. We hunt D-7 every year for deer and bear, have been hunting this area since our grand dads took us there and then our fathers, now we take our sons. In the past couple of years, the same wardens will check our tags, licenses, guns, vehichles and camp, sometimes three times in the same day. They ask our kids, when they are hunting without us, if they are related to me and my buddy. We didn't raise dummys, the kids always respond with "nope, don't know 'em" or "no don't know where they're camped". These gutless wonders ask other hunters about where we are, where we're hunting, where we're camped. We always camp in the same campsite, been forty years now! This year, they made us move our trailers, citing the 21 day national forest limits. We have gone up the chain of command numerous times, and the harassment stops for awhile, but eventually they start all over again. We almost always tag out on deer and have taken a few bears. We are completely legal, hell, we have young hunters with us and feel it's our obligation to teach them right. We use all our vacation time for hunting. We hunt alot, and we know the area. So, our time and effort almost always pays off, even when others aren't bagging anything. Guess this means we must be poaching, in the eyes of F & G. The plus side to this is that we always check ourselves to be sure that we are totally legit, we even keep our sidearms on an empty chamber. I guess they are frustrated that they can't find anything wrong or illegal with us. I heard that our pictures were posted on the wall of their lunch room at HQ. Whatever. We don't worry, cause we're clean. We even offer them coffee and a meal at camp, everyone is welcome, even frustrated game wardens. I could go on and on about the threats of them coming to our houses and taking our guns, showing up at our houses at 9 o'clock at night to question us etc, etc. It's gotten to be rather humorous now. And all of this started because we have rights to pass on private pig heaven! At least the ranch is behind fences and locked gates, so they have to wait for us to leave before they can hassle us there. At least they haven't interupted our pig hunts (yet). BTW, every other game warden in the other areas that we hunt are totally cool, professional and friendly. It's just these couple of yahoos. Peace and God bless, Wolfsong.