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pennys dad
11-21-2009, 7:22 PM
Dec 19th TAC Concepts Shoot and Range Shoot

Hi, (Forgot to Mention - WE HAVE ROOM :-) )!!!!!

Hi Everyone

Hey if you are coming to the
Dec 19th TAC Concepts Shoot and Range Shoot at Burros
please remember a few things for the event.
* Please let me know if your coming and to which part
of the event (TAC Clinic or/and General Shoot).
* If you dont pay ahead for the TAC Clinic please bring
* Remember bring ammo :-) especially if your coming for
the TAC Clinic.
* Bring Hats, water and for the open range shooters
bring your pop up shade.
* Lastly if we want to BBQ we will need a few Propane
BBQ's and food. So who can bring what? We will need:

I will bring some carne asada and hot dogs and some
But we need BBQ's

TAC Shoot or a general shoot on a private range at Burros.
Well we have both. Which do you want to attend.
I have secured the
East 1 and 2 private ranges at Burros, one range
will be used for the Tactical Advantage Concepts
shooting clinics and the other for general
shooting. Dec 19th is the date.
The cost will be as such:

$25 per person for the Tactical shooting sessions
plus Ammo
(250 pistol rounds, 150 shotgun, 250 carbine/rifle).
You only need to supply ammo for the session you
will attend, the $25 fee is a flat fee wether you
shoot all the clinics or 1 clinic.

You will need to goto the Burros checkin counter
and pay the range fee $20. The range fee covers
you for the whole day on the private ranges or public.

So fee's will be:

$20 for Burros range fee
$25 for TAC Shoot (only if you will attend the shooting Clinic)

More information will be provided on the public thread.
Please pay the Tactical Advantage Concepts team in advanced if
possible. Contact: (949)606-3281

11-22-2009, 9:34 AM
I only wish I could attend some of the great shoots, range days and other activities being posted.

Alas, I have to work, work, work, and work. Did I say I have to work?:o