View Full Version : Q about adding markings to a firearm reciever

11-20-2009, 11:34 PM
Hello all,

I was reading the post about not marking "ak-47" on rifles and it got me thinking.... and me thinking is usually bad.

When does it become illegal to add more markings?

I've seen some C&R rifles that have people's names and street addresses engraved on them.

If one were to take it to the logical extreme then one could engrave random alpha-numeric characters and manufacturer's names all over the entire receiver making it imposable to discern which text is the real serial number and make/model.

I'm guessing the first example is legal and the second is illegal, and at some point in the middle it gets grey...

For the record I neither have the ability nor the desire to engrave things on my firearms... I'm just shooting ideas into the wind.