View Full Version : M1D Garand Sniper Barrel NOS

11-20-2009, 7:08 AM
Just in time for that Xmas restoration, is a USGI M1D sniper barrel, NOS still in the cosmoline. I guarantee these to be completely authentic. You will not be disappointed. The barrels are marked with prefix D7312555 and an ordnance wheel proof stamp. I have two barrels left, each for $750. I would like to sell FTF. These are not the substandard quality barrels you would get from Sarco or Numrich. These are real. The barrel I'm putting on my Garand is stamped S-A-8-52. I WILL NOT remove the paper/grease from each barrel to take pictures of the markings. I spoke with Tony Giacobbe http://www.garandguy.com/ a few months back to verify their authenticity and said he will verify to anyone who wants to know. Show him the photos and that should jog his memory. This is a great deal so please don't haggle over the price. The price is firm. I live in La Mirada, So Cal.