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11-19-2009, 6:16 PM
Barrel: 11.5in. MP tested 1/7 twist 11 degree crown..lowpro GB
Upper: CMMG Cerro forge "M" marked by the gas tube hole, "L" marked rear take down. Has M4 feed ramps.
Rail: Yankee hill + end cap
Rear sight: Promag

I purchased this thinking I was going to build up a shorty with a perm attached FH. As it turns out, I am, but I'm going to use a Noveske 12.5 and KX3 (if I can get it to measure out) VLTOR/Troy setup.

So, since I am doing that this one needs to go. I'd like to get back otu of it what I paid, which was $435. I purchased this from a CG member who advised it has only seen 20 rounds down the pipe. I trust this is accurate as it is in new and unblemished condition.

I am in Sacramento and would prefer FTF but will ship if needed.

PP +3%. $435 will include priority mail shipping.

Here are the pics (I am using these from the original post where I bought it)
Upper comes with NO BCG/CH

11-20-2009, 2:14 PM