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11-19-2009, 1:39 PM
Friend wants to go to an outdoor range to shoot his Garand he hasn't used in a few years. Problem is, I've never been to any outdoor ranges in the area.

We're also taking a couple guys who are pretty new to guns (one has shot my .45 and .40 at an indoor range, and the other shot a .22 in the boy scouts) so we want to make sure they'll be able to use our pistols and rifles.

We're in Orange, so Burro and Lytle seem like logical choices for a day at the range. What are your folks' opinions? I know both of them have good reputations in the community, but I'd like something a bit more in-depth. And of course, if you have other ideas, I'm keen to hear. Oh, and I don't know any of the BLM locations, not sure if I want to either >.>


11-19-2009, 2:19 PM
I've only been to Burro Canyon. They have public and private ranges. I've shot on both and really enjoy the private ranges. They're a little more money ($80 minimum for 1-4 people, then $20 per person after that for the whole day), but you get to run your own line breaks. Call and reserve at least several weeks in advance. They do vary in length so not sure how far out you want to go with the Garand. The public rifle range goes out to 200 yards.

You can also shoot other "targets" on the private range as long as you clean it up. Water jugs and fruit are nice and reactive.

Black Majik
11-19-2009, 2:32 PM
With Burro Canyon, it'll be like bringing your Garand to the Wild West. Be prepare to cap someone for their full retardedness.

Lytle pisses me off because I swear those ROs are secretly laughing their asses off watching their customers try to painstakingly hammer in their target stand into the ground.

Go to Angeles, it's worth it to see how that M1 Garand will do at the plates up to 600 yards.

11-19-2009, 2:34 PM
I am a member and Burro - If you get the nicer private ranges like the A (70 - 100 yards), B (about 50 - 75 yards) it is perfect. If you can get one of the TAC (non shaded private range, 100 yards), it can accommodate for a huge party of people. Remember, these ranges aren't paved so be prepared to get a little dirty (including the roads). I prefer the private ranges because its easier to manage a group of friends and calling your own line breaks is great.

You can still bring out fruit and stuff to the public ranges.

Lytle is uncovered and a bit farther from Orange. With the current weather it shouldn't be too bad.

From my experience, the way the monitor the lines are pretty similar and less strict than say Angeles, but angeles has the steal plates and the line breaks are called more often. My only gripe with Angeles is the clay machines, you have to buy their clays and those machines are pure crap.

11-19-2009, 2:49 PM
Yeah, called Burro and they've got TAC B open the day we want to go. But I know a Garand is worth more than 80 yards >.>

I'll check out Angeles, see what's up there.

As far as these outdoor ranges go, how is it if you want to shoot rifle and pistol? Am I going to need to move across the range and recheck-in?

What Just Happened?
11-19-2009, 2:53 PM
If you've got a private berm, you can shoot shotgun, rifle or handgun. You're your own Range Officer.

Black Majik
11-19-2009, 3:00 PM
I'll check out Angeles, see what's up there.

Give it a try. Sure beats being limited to 80 yards for a 30-06 rifle


11-19-2009, 3:23 PM
Well I wouldn't be limited, I'd just be shooting at the regular line instead of my own.

11-19-2009, 4:13 PM
Angeles is a lot more fun for both rifles and pistols. You can really see how far the garand can stretch and hitting the steal plates with the pistols is always better then punching paper

11-19-2009, 5:00 PM
Angeles doesn't look like it is covered. Can you bring your own cover? Also are the shooting benches supplied or do you have to bring your own? If the benches are supplied are they solid & sturdy?
My apologies for all the questions & seeming to be so picky! I used to go the IF&G range which had all of these nice amenities.

Black Majik
11-19-2009, 5:06 PM
Angeles is fully covered. Benches are solid concrete and stuck to the ground.

11-19-2009, 5:11 PM
all are cool ranges.
trying long range rifle, hit angeles. 600 yds depending on fire conditions.
burro is cool with a private range arranged in advance.
i really love Lytle Creek. they host our SO-CAL BELTFED SHOOTERS shoots which we raise money for the Wounded Warriors at. New management, but they seem to be working with us. 300 yds, down to 200 sometime depending on fire conditions.

any of the 3 you can't go wrong really, but to test out the Garand at 100 and at some distance off some nice benches, hit Angeles Range. 600 yds usually is open. hit it on a .50bmg day and shoot some big bore too! :cool2:

11-19-2009, 6:36 PM
Here is a picture of the firing line at Lytle Creek. Nice covered positions. Decent benches. During the week it is not crowded but on the weekend it is busy but you can get a table.
It is fine for rifle but lacks for handgun. They have limits on target distance that seem to vary depending on day of the week and who you know.
As others have mentioned bring your own targets and stands. PVC is cheap use plenty. Hammering anything into the ground is near impossible. The RO's are laughing at the people trying to beat their targets into the rocks.
They laugh even harder when the target that someone spent 10 minutes pounding on blows over 6 seconds into going hot. :p They will never get the target thing fiqured out at Lytle. Just make a wood or PVC stand that can stand the wind and sell it to people its not that hard. :)

11-19-2009, 6:47 PM
Wow, looks like we're going to Angeles.

Thanks guys.

11-19-2009, 7:30 PM
Angeles is a great range, you and your buds will enjoy it. The steel targets are a blast to shoot and I haven't had any of the bad experiences that some have reported here. I've probably been there about a dozen times in the last six months, and I always have a good time. Met some good people there, too.