View Full Version : California Association of Firearms Retailers

11-18-2009, 3:20 PM
Anyone join this? I got a flyer in the mail, but not sure how this is any different then donating to the NRA, etc.. Are their some benefits to joining that are not readily apparent to me? E.g., do they have any informative email lists or dealer resources? Or is this just another organization to donate money to in addition to the NRA, etc..?


11-18-2009, 3:42 PM
Actually, I've heard bad things about them. Stuff like how the CFLC program was CAFR's idea, in an attempt to minimize the internet firearms sales competition. And I also recall hearing that a potential roster modification proprosals to have firearm listings not expire was quashed by CAFR because they feel it benefits them to have older models fall off the roster. Less competition from used gun sales that way.