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11-18-2009, 3:42 AM
My friend Dina got the last of the video's up from the SAF GRPC 2009.


I included a bonus track from the SAF GRPC 2008 to this site. I had 3 speakers from the SAF GRPC 2008 that I was able to get downloaded, two of the speakers were really great, me, I need alot of work.

The Great Speakers were

1. Alan Korwin, he runs the internet page nine reports
2. Guy Smith, he publishes gunfacts.com

Both of these gentlemen really made a great presentation on how to deal with the media.

I feel this was a great conference, I would request that the moderators make this a sticky because this conference had many of the gun rights leaders in attendance, including our own Gene Hoffman and Don Kilmer.

The SAF GRPC 2010 will be in 2010. I would like to see a huge California presence there. I am sure if people see what the 2009 conference was like, more will attend.


11-18-2009, 5:56 AM
I was at the GRPC (07?) that was @ the LAX Marriot.
Had a great time, saw lots ot the leaders or the Gun Rights movement speak..
If you can go, do it!
If the next is local to me again, I'll go

11-18-2009, 9:35 PM
GRPC 2010 will be right next to SFO airport in Burlingame!