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Maestro Pistolero
11-17-2009, 10:11 AM
I'm posting this around liberal blogs (that I subscribe to in order to keep an eye on the scoundrels). Feel free to copy and post at will.

Ft Hood: The Ultimate Demonstration of the Failure of Gun Control Schemes:

It's always amazing to me when opportunistic ideologues use tragedies such as Ft Hood to trot out the same old hand-wringing argument for expanding the same failed gun control policies, which allowed the event to occur in the first place.

Nothing so clearly demonstrates the futility, and immorality of gun control as perfectly as an incident like this. The utter failure of absolute gun control is perfectly modeled here in the microcosm of the Ft Hood military post. 

All that expensive training and conditioning, all the background checks, and all those weapons and ammunition were locked up in the armory. The government owes those soldiers and their families more than an apology and condolences.

At a minimum, all officers and perhaps a percentage of enlisted should be designated to carry at all times, in the interest of military and base security. Don't think this incident has gone unnoticed by international terrorists. If those soldiers, or at least a significant number of them had been armed as they should have been, we would have a dozen or so brave Americans still alive today.The Second Amendment only fails when it isn't followed to the letter. If we could rewind the clock and place a handgun in the possession of only a few of those trained victims, the Ft Hood incident would have had a very different outcome.

The success of any gun control scheme rests on the total abrogation of freedom for it's success. For it to work, it must be totally enforced without regard to the Bill of rights, and we must toss out any notion of the right to self defense, and the right against unreasonable search and seizure.

Of course, there's the little issue of the Second Amendment, which is about to be officially applied to bind the states by the US Supreme Court. In a free country with a bill of rights like ours, the best we can do, is not prevent the law-abiding from possessing the means to deliver the ONLY proven deterrent to violent crime.

If we can trust our soldiers and citizens on the battlefield, certainly we can trust them on the military base. Licensed concealed carry permit holders in 43 states have a safety history and record of responsible firearms ownership that rivals that of the police. And they are so law abiding, that if one could superimpose their crime rate on the rest of the country, we'd think we were in Switzerland, which, by the way, issues REAL assault weapons to every household.

11-17-2009, 12:57 PM
Only one thing I'd change: the record of 43 states of CCW'ers surpasses that of the police by a wide margin. Much more law abiding and much lower incidence of collateral damage.