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05-31-2005, 7:35 PM
Just wanted to say hello to all here. I found this Kali board while browsing the internet and wanted to say thanks for all the useful info and discussions posted.

I read the posts regarding pricing in the greater LA area with great interest and couldn't help commenting on the harsh tone levied on LA Guns by some of the members here. I have no financial interest in LA Guns and have only recently begun buying from them, but maybe I was brought up differently then most people in Los Angeles...I think it's important to support the local businesses in the area...I believe in a sense of community and I truly think that most people in Los Angeles are so caught up in themselves that they lack common courtesy. Just yesterday some fellow almost hit my car with his SUV and flipped me the bird?!? But I digress...

And yes I am financially well off, unmarried, and have no kids, so I have money for my vices. But that doesn't mean I'm not a smart shopper. On the contrary, I like a good deal like every other sensible person. I've spent thousands of dollars at LA Guns in the last few months and have enjoyed the experience thoroughly. They stand behind their products and offer excellent customer service. Sure you can compare their prices to on-line brokers and find disparity but come on, how the hell do you expect them to pay rent, utilities, all the paperwork that comes with owning a gun shop in West Hollywood, and put food on the table? I'm not talking out of my *** either, I run a business myself and realize the markups that must be passed on to keep the doors open. So maybe I paid 30 bucks more for this gun at LA Guns than I found somewhere else. I know if anything goes wrong with it I can take it back and they'll take care of the problem. Customer service goes a long way. Thanks LA Guns.

Support the local gunshop whomever you frequent!

05-31-2005, 7:51 PM
Not this again. We already went through this http://www.calguns.net/banghead.gif

05-31-2005, 7:51 PM
Hey Donger! Nice to have you, we can always use another gun owner/voter and I dont care where you shop in the PRK as they are all pretty spendy which is why alot of the talk around here is where to buy and how much do I have left over for ammo and the wife Xmas gift.


Semper Gumby!

05-31-2005, 10:34 PM
Donger welcome, I hope that you dont limit yourself to one gun shop for all your needs, there is no such animal in my opinion. I wont trust any single source for all my guns, plus I recently went to a much despised shop here in Northern CA to look see, and found a rifle I have wanted for years at a bargain price. I wont pull punches and say I like the owner of LA Guns we do have our differences, as I have shared with enthusiasm. It just seems that between yourself and others, he seems to be getting a lot of free advertising on this board. I would rather see Guys like Big Mac and Big Rich who are helpful get the business, than the owner of LA Guns. I dont have a need for self promoting. It makes one look small indeed.

05-31-2005, 10:52 PM
Originally posted by donger:
So maybe I paid 30 bucks more for this gun at LA Guns than I found somewhere else.

I'm all about customer service and "keeping it local", not shopping the Wal-stores and mega-chains that undercut small business too, but from what I've seen quoted to me, it ain't just $30 more in the case of LA Guns.
If this was not yet another thread attempting to glorify LA Guns here, I would not even mention this, but since it seems to be a new trend, I will rubberstamp that fact on each subsequent thread that does the same.

Like I said before, there are OTHER holders of FFLs here that do not engage in this spam campaign to bolster their business.
Sorry to be so blunt, but such is life.

06-01-2005, 3:56 AM

I'm not an idiot, I will not pay a hundred bucks more for the sake of "keeping it local" as you stated.

In fact I paid $1489 for the springfield socom 16 last month. Retting did not have it in stock but is selling it for $1550+. The local Turner's also did not have them is stock. So if I didn't think the prices were competitive, I wouldn't even stick my foot in the door. As for my post being a spam, I am a honorable person and I will state again, I have zero financial interest in LA Guns and never have and never will. But if we don't support our local gunshops (especially the mom and pop's) they will close their doors.

Technical Ted
06-01-2005, 7:18 AM
I don't know if the original thread has gone to the great archive in the Admin's coaster pile, but any gunshop owner who joins this forum and requests that the members not discuss prices they've seen at stores--as Ted at LA Guns did last year--his store deserves to be treated by the membership as we see fit.

Because of his own statements, I never plan to patronize LA Guns, nor venture near the place.

06-01-2005, 8:49 AM
Okay, this has been hashed and rehashed to death.
I don't think another thread of this nature will contribute anything of value at this point.

Donger, welcome to the board. Hopefully you hae joined to interact, share and have fun and not just to bolster another member.

As for now this thread is going the wayof the previous thread.....