View Full Version : WTS: 1903 / 1917 Stripper clips NOS

11-17-2009, 4:49 AM
I have available 5 round stripper clips. I bought these for use with my 1903A3 and offering the extras at $1 per clip + $2 postage. These are new old stock and are very nice, they work much better than the strippers with the tabs on the ends. I have plenty so let me know how many you need.


11-17-2009, 6:04 AM
Is there a difference between these and 8mm Mauser clips?

11-17-2009, 6:17 AM
8mm mauser cip are too narrow and will go all the way into the mag well. They do not work in the 1903..

11-17-2009, 5:39 PM
First of all: location???
Second: how much for 20 to 91750?