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11-16-2009, 5:36 PM
Had the sound off on the TV and when I turned around they were previewing a TV news article about guns.

While I was fumbling for the remote to turn the sound on, it looked like they were talking about Open Carry (showing pictures of people w/holstered sidearms just walking around in a typical sidewalk setting). I think one of the pictures was some guy w/a holstered sidearm sitting down at a sidewalk table w/his Starbucks.

When I finally get the sound on there's this woman's voice telling someone "he's packing and not hiding it" (sounded like a 911 tape). Then it went to "Tuesday, on the 10 o'clock news".

So evidently this will be on the 10 o'clock news on my channel 2 (Fox) Tuesday. This is in San Jose, Northern CA - San Francisco Bay Area. I'm gonna DVR it but I'm not sure there's way to get it off an AT&T Uverse DVR.


11-16-2009, 5:38 PM
sweet, thanks for the heads up, i'll be looking for that story! hopefully it's not as dreadfully anti-gun as Diane (B*TCH) Sawyer's "If I Only Had A Gun"

11-16-2009, 5:43 PM
KTVU at 6pm. Just saw the clip.


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11-16-2009, 7:05 PM
Oops, sorry I just saw a similar commercial and posted about it also.