View Full Version : Winchester 69A, target version

11-15-2009, 1:24 PM
Does anyone else here have one of these little Winchesters, in the 'target' version with the original Lyman aperture sight?

The reason I ask is that I brought mine to a range event last night, one of the other people there fired it, and now wants to find one for himself.

Does anyone have any information as to how common these are, or how many were produced?

The one I have was a gift from an old friend, who passed away a few years ago, so I have quite a sentimental attachment to it, but its a surprisingly good little rifle in its own right, considering that it was a relatively inexpensive 'basic training' 22 when new.

In its original design context of 50ft. indoor target shooting, trying it over a sand-bag, and using target grade rounds, it will put any number of rounds into one ragged hole at 50ft. range.

Added on edit.....

That little Winnie is one of a variety of older 22's I bring to the 'newbies' event here in San Jose, so that new shooters can try a variety of 22's, for basic safety/proficiency training and 'familiarisation fire'.

I'm still looking for a Marlin 39 or 39A lever 22 to use in this project, and would be grateful for any chance to purchase one.....the only 'catch' is that it must be 50 or more years old, for legal purchase reasons here in the execrable 'fascist state' of California. Please, please 'PM' me if you know of one for sale.