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11-15-2009, 12:51 PM

I got a really good condition Eotech 512.A65 Rev F that I just got from my buddy who purchased it a couple years ago but never used it. So heres the story, I just went to Angeles Range for the Wed night shoot on vet day and realized I really dont like the Eotech I had a difficult time using it compared to my comp m4 that I really like. So what I am trying to do is trade this to someone who has a different optic that they purchased/traded for and regret not getting an eotech. Here is what I am looking for:

Aimpoint: Comp M4/M3/t-1/h-1
Trijicon: ACOG or Accupoint
Or what-ever else you might have just not an Eotech




To make the trade even better I have a very rare project that I dug out of the closet that I have been contemplating on if I should build it or not. I have decided not to build it so I can add this to the trade value or trade it alone if the right item comes along.

The item is a shotgun adapter that mounts UNDER your AR platform rifle just like a M203/37mm does. I have tried to find a place that sells/stocks something similar to this and have come up empty. I dont think the MFG is around anymore so this may be the last of its kind. The way it installs on the shotgun is by mounting screws which requires someone to tap it for the right size and then it just pops onto your under side of your AR. Heres a pic of it and yes I was attempting to build the shotgun Billy used in the Predator:


What it can look like minus the SBS barrel. Just picture this with an 18" barrel and that is what you will have. And no this is not my rifle this is an image off the web.

Item is located in the Socal LA/OC area

Looking to trade for right now so if you got something you want to trade let me know. The only thing is it has to be firearm related no books, no electronics, no C&R stuff, and no junk. Other than that I am open to what you got but im really looking for a optic so let me know what you have

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I am interested in the Shotgun mount for the AR.

What do you want?

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