View Full Version : 30 cal Ruger Blackhawk, got one???

06-26-2005, 1:43 PM
Tell me a little about the Ruger .30 Caliber Blackhawk. How does it shoot? what is the recoil? Is it noisy? Have you had any trouble with the timing or anything? What is the best brand of bullet to use? Can you put a scope on it? Is it good enough for Pig or coyoty?Would like Info, I am considering buying one.

06-26-2005, 2:32 PM
These revolvers are a hoot. They are quite loud when using military ball ammo. They have a softball sized blue-orange fireball at the muzzle. They have very little recoil. Mine is easily capable of staying in the X ring at 25 yds from a rest (6 shots)using Federal 110 gr. SP. I use it for moderate distance plinking and dirt clod killing. I have never handloaded for it. Given the modest energy of the cartridge, you would need to make your game shots very precise.

06-26-2005, 2:46 PM
I've been keeping an eye out for one for a while, but you don't see them too often in my neck of the woods. They turn up fairly often on gunbroker and such, usually for reasonable prices.

Many people consider them quirky plinkers (one reason the resale value isn't alway real high). Some folks have trouble with the cases sticking in the chambers, which can be fixed with a polish job.

You can read up on them by going to http://www.rugerforum.com and searching on 30 carbine.

If you decide not to get it, let me know what it's going for.


06-26-2005, 10:54 PM
I had one which I wound up selling to an old friend who is a .30 Carbine nut. It was fun to shoot, but you are much, much better off with a .357 Blackhawk. If you can get a 9mm/357 convertible then you are really set. Unless you just have a .30 Carbine thing going on, (which is cool) just get a .357.

06-28-2005, 2:01 PM
I'd reccomend a Ruger Blackhawn in 357mag over a 30 carbine. It does everything the 30 can do if not better. I also have the sticky chamber problem. I bought it because I though the flash and blast would be neat and I wanted a reliable high penetration smallbore handgun as I have had issues with my Tokarevs and CZ 52's. I mainly hang on to my 30carbine Blackhawk due to poor resale most likely and I suppose it make s good companion to my M1 Carbine.

06-28-2005, 4:11 PM
I'd also recommend a .357 BH - I like mine a lot. It's one of my favorite .357s.

Still, if someone in San Jose area has one of these poor resale .30 Carbine BHs, I'll be happy to take it off your hands!


07-05-2005, 1:18 PM
30Carbine guns (like Ruger SAs or AMT autoloaders)
might be quite desirable if SB357 were to become law.

30 Carbine rounds prob will be considered "primarily for rifles" by DOJ and thus will not be required to be specially marked -- therefore there'd be no restrictions on possession, transfer, travel, etc. with non-marked 30Cal rounds.

Bill Wiese
San Jose

07-06-2005, 9:25 AM
I have a Contender with a a 10 INCH .30M1 barrel, and it is not fun to shoot factory ammo.

Now I reload for it, and it's much better.