View Full Version : Sensitive zone, gun free zone, victim disarmament zone.

11-12-2009, 2:26 PM
To me it seems that Justice Scalia planted seeds in "Heller" to create opportunities for follow up cases. The original "Heller case" was a very narro case and IMHO he pushed things as far as he could get away with.

This brings up the "Sensitive Gun Free Zone" issues.

We need to work on defining terms and do so in a way that the average person can understand. We have many intelligent people on this forum, and I will humbly admit I am not one of them.:p

The concept of a "Gun free zone" is that there will be no guns in that zone.

The standard we should strive for is that a "Sensitive zone" is an area that the compelling need for security outweighs the indivivual right to bear person arms.

Now in making that area a "Sensitive Zone", individuals who enter that zone are stripped of their right of personal defense, thus, those who control the zone must be required to provide for the safety of those who enter the zone.

Now to make an area trully a "Gun Free" zone, the area must be sealed off so that access to and from the zone is restricted and all who enter the zone must be searched so that way they can ensure that the zone is in fact "Gun Free".

Of course those controlling the "Zone" must make contingencies that they have "armed security" just in case.

Using this standard, courts, airports, jails and prisons meet these standards and I feel that one could reasonably justify restricting arms in these places.

Not all "gun free zones" meet the above standard however, as such, because the areas are not secure, people with evil intent do bring guns into those zones, those zones typically lack armed security, as such, those zones are prime targets for mass shootings.

These zones are effectively Victim Disarmament Zones because law abiding people who enter these zones surrender their right of armed defense when they enter these zones.

These zones are not "GUN FREE ZONES" because the very people we don't want carry guns into these zones are the only people who have guns in these zones.

Victim Disarmament Zones are target rich environments for violent criminal predators because governmet policie create zones where the criminal offender's risk of being shot have been substantially reduced.

Where I am going with this is we can be okay with some "Gun Free Zones", but not with "Victim Disarmament Zones"(VDZ).

For the sake of our children, we need to eliminate the VD zone epidemic that has infested our educational system.

We have many so called "Gun Free Zones" that in reality are "Victim Disarmament Zones" and the intermixing of the two terms will result in lost innocent lives.

We have two court systems to work on, the court of law and the court of public opinion.

I know the "right people" are very sharp, but sometimes little things are overlooked. Sometimes people get blinded by the trees that they can't see the forest.:)