View Full Version : Need Help - About to Send an Older Shotgun Across State Line - Have a Question...???

11-11-2009, 1:30 AM
About to Send an older Side by Side Shotgun with no serial number Across Stateline...

The Buyer did send me a copy of his current driver's license, and a copy of his FFL dealer's valid license along with a Payment by Money Order.

The payment is all good since its a US Postal Money Order.

But the FFL dealer Did Not Hand Sign the Copy of his FFL license in Ink, which I did clearly ask for,
Is that really necessary to be done ???

I did verify the FFL license on the ATF web site and its all good, valid and up to date, but is also registered to a PO Box Address.

Am I totally 100% safe to send it to the address of the FFL holder's PO Box Address ?,
even though he did not hand sign it in Ink and its also registered to a PO Box ?

Who will sign for it at the PO Box ?

as I only want to send it with signature delivery confirmation just to be safe on my end...

And is it an absolute must for the Copy of his license to be Hand Signed in Ink as I see others requesting same for a firearm o be sent across stateline,

even though it is all Valid and Up to Date ???

Can anyone help me with these questions please...

I want this transaction to be 100% perfectly legit and to be safe.

Is it ok to send ?

Thank you so much...

Barney Gumble
11-11-2009, 7:45 AM
I would try posting your question in the FFL forum.