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11-08-2009, 8:35 AM
So I have a few buddies who work as Uverse techs and one of them works out of a bay area yard.

He tells me of a new device that will stream HD television through wireless connection, they are called Ruckus. I guess one tech put 5 TVs up on these things and the picture was better than the coax or ethernet that they normally use.

I worked as a contractor with these guys for a few months and have seen some of the issues with VDSL and the older plant ATT is trying to use to bring 25mb to the house. The system is great when it works but alot of times the cable wont support it. Like with anything att does they find way of making it work by stiffing the customer or the tech but these things look like they can keep the techs from having to drill holes or wrapping your house with more coax.

One of the weird deals about the uverse system is they dont like hdmi, the picture looks better on the component cables, dont ask me why but I have seen the difference and hdmi doesn't work well with the system.

11-16-2009, 9:43 PM
Ask him if it's possible to get a data profile that gives more than 1.8Mbyte/second upstream.

11-27-2009, 7:36 PM
from what im reading it doesnt seem like u-verse has all the bugs worked out

i'll stick with cable for now